Using Health Insurance

B-Well Physiocare is recognised by most of the health insurance companies and we are able to treat you and settle your account with most of the insurance company directly for all your attended appointments. Few companies require you to settle your account with us at the time of each treatment session. In this case, we will provide with a receipt for your payment and the insurance company will reimburse you directly. Most do this quickly and within two weeks is normal. Please note that you are responsible to pay for all your missed appointments.


The processes of the companies are different but most require that you seek a referral from your GP or Consultant before they will authorise treatment. Once they authorise treatment they will give you an authorisation number. The contact number for your insurance company will be in your policy information: the companies often have different contact numbers for different types of policy. If you wish us to invoice the insurance company directly we will need the Authorisation Number, your policy number and if the policy is a corporate one the group number.

If you are calling any of the following companies to seek authorisation for treatment you will need our provider number which is: AXA for Streatham – ZZ02735, Richmond – ZZ02736, Barns – ZZ02737. CIGNA – 198154. Aviva – 600077620. If calling any of these companies to seek an authorisation, please say you want to be treated at B-Well Physiocare, rather than name the person who is treating you, neither company retains a list of our team members and they will not be able to find the company on the basis of the practitioners’ name. Most of the appointments when using Health insurance policies are of thirty minutes duration. If you have any questions please call us on 0300 303 4811, 07967678797 or call your health insurance company directly. Please be aware that unless you have authorisation from your health insurance provider we will expect you to pay the cost in full of your treatment at the time of the appointment. We will provide you with a receipt with which you can attempt to claim the cost of the appointment from them but please be aware that not all health insurance companies will repay the full cost, without authorisation. It is therefore in your own interest to seek authorisation in advance of treatment.