Biomechanical Assessment

A biomechanical assessment is the analysis of your bodies’ unique alignment when you sit, stand or move in relation to your work. Our experienced physiotherapist will look at the position of your spine and joints when you are in stationary or moving and assess the flexibility of your joints and the strength of the muscles surrounding each joint. Your biomechanical assessment will be discussed with you/your organization to ensure your body bio-mechanism will fit into the right job. We will give you a clear analysis of why you struggle with your injury and musculoskeletal pain in relation to your ergonomics.

You will be advised whether any adaptations/orthotics required and if so, our physiotherapist will discuss the most suitable prescription and cost. Such Orthotics can be used to treat a variety of conditions, for example; Shin Splints, StressFracture, Plantar Fasciitis as well as Neuromuscular Conditions and you will also be advised regarding muscle stretching and strengthening exercises.